What Tours Do We Offer?

Belgrade: Blue Danube Tour

Follow the Danube River to Tuman Monastery, Golubac Fortress, Lepenski Vir, and Kapetan Misin Breg on a full-day tour from Belgrade that includes a Danube River cruise at Golubac.

Western Serbia Tour from Belgrade

Discover the history, culture, and natural wonders of Western Serbia on a 2-day small-group tour. The well-rounded excursion would be a major headache to execute on your own.

Belgrade Sightseeing Tour

If you’re short on time in Belgrade or want an overview of the city to help plan your sightseeing, this half-day tour is ideal. Visit the historic capital of Serbia and enjoy it, while learning about history, culture, and daily life in the city.

Most Interesting Places to Visit in Belgrade

Nikola Tesla Museum

This museum presents the life and work of the great physicist, inventor and electrical engineer and Serbian national hero.

St Mark’s Church

This cavernous Neo-Byzantine church is one of the largest in Serbia, and although its outer structure was completed during the 1930s, interior works are ongoing. The sublime iconostasis, for instance, was only completed in the 1990s: The frame is marble, while the icons inside and the painting of the last supper were composed by Đuro Radulović, an academic painter from Belgrade.

Republic Square

At the southern end of Knez Mihailova is Republic Square, with some of the city’s most important landmarks and a business district where Belgrade is at its most dynamic.

Serbia Travel Tips

  • 01

    The Cyrillic alphabet

    Serbia is a nation of two alphabets, so don’t be surprised to see road signs and menus in both Latin and Cyrillic script.
    The latter of the two isn’t as difficult as it seems, and the phonetic nature of the Serbian language makes reading it
    remarkably easy.

  • 02

    A tumultuous history

    To quote An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery, ‘history hasn’t been kind to the Slavs, but historians haven’t been particularly
    kind to the Serbs’. Serbia’s history is as tumultuous as it is long, with centuries of a conflict punctuated by times of peace.

  • 03

    Religion is important

    Some of Serbia’s most magnificent monasteries can be found in Kosovo, the province that many consider being the spiritual heart
    of the Serbian state. Similar monasteries are found throughout Serbia, and it is clear that the Serbian Orthodox Church still
    plays an important role in the lives of many locals.

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